Our Story

Mycrophone's story goes back to 2010, to the early morning of the iPhone 4 release, when Andrew, working as a trainer at the Apple store in Palo Alto, California, was serendipitously paired with Ken to configure his new iPhone. Immediately, they hit it off: both were graduates of Harvard, technophiles, and entrepreneurs (Ken's experience was vast, Andrew's was burgeoning).

Ken and Andrew quickly became close friends and began working together on Mycrophone (originally called Social Microphone), when Ken's pioneering patent application for a concept called 'Mobile Microphone' issued in 2012.

The idea's genesis goes back to the earliest days of the iPhone. Ken, an avid lecture-goer, is also hard of hearing. So, during the Q&A sessions, when it was time for audience members to engage with the speaker or panelists, unless the audience members diligently used the crowd microphone, he couldn't hear what people were asking. Ken said to himself, "This is crazy, we all have microphones in our pockets; there ought to be a way to use our cell phones as microphones." The idea was simple enough: allow attendees at events to use their mobile devices to speak over the room's PA system. Ken and Andrew developed early prototypes using pre-existing, but couldn't adequately reduce the latency or echo. So, through a series of connections, they were introduced to Uwe Kummerow and Rico Huber, two of the engineers behind TeamSpeak, the largest in-game communications platform in the world.

With Rico and Uwe, two creative and technical geniuses behind one of the world's most successful VoIP platforms, the team was now complete. Rico and Uwe began - and continue - to innovate around intractable problems, finding outside the box solutions when platform limitations seemed insurmountable. Two years later, at the present day, Mycrophone has a stellar product that turns all mobile devices - iOS and Android - into wireless microphones.

We're changing the way public discourse happens, one Mycrophone at a time.

Our Team

Andrew Livingston

Co-founder, CEO

After stints at Apple and local Palo Alto start-ups, Andrew co-founded Mycrophone in 2013. Responsible for all day-to-day operations, strategy, business development, design, and web-development, Andrew shepherds the project to realization. Andrew's neighbors will attest he is an avid beta tester of Mycrophone. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing, composing, and engineering music, and learning about the Indo-European language family. Andrew holds a BA from Harvard College.

Uwe Kummerow

Co-founder, CTO

A rare combination of experienced engineer and savvy businessman, Uwe invented the VoIP solution that later became TeamSpeak, the world's largest in-game communications platform, and grew it into a business with a userbase of over 30 million while concurrently creating a licensing channel to organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Logitech. He's worked at Siemens Mobile and ESL-Turtle and received the highest security clearance level during his time as a radio communications expert in the German Air Force.

Rico Huber

Co-founder, Lead Engineer

Rico is one of the most creative, dedicated and intelligent engineers any company could hope for. Before Mycrophone, Rico worked as a senior developer at TeamSpeak. Prior to Teamspeak, Rico worked as a senior developer at several German software development firms, including ESL-Turtle GmbH and Netbrain AG. Rico spent 12 years in the German Air Force, where he developed sophisticated radio communications solutions for aircrafts and Navy vessels, and achieved the rank of Master Sergeant.

Ken Sherman

Co-founder, Chairman

Ken, the inventor of Mycrophone's core technology, is the company's Eminence Grise, using his 50 years of experience in new product development and intellectual property creation and licensing to oversee all technical, IP, and strategic decisionmaking. Ken's experience is vast: since founding his first company while an undergraduate student, Ken has founded eight companies that went public or were acquired by public companies. Ken holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.